Policy Development

Response to the NHS White Paper, Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS

This response to the government's white paper on NHS reform was collated by Survivor Research for the Afiya Trust. It was signed by several black and minority ethnic community and voluntary organisations, and highlights the importance of not leaving marginalised communities behind. The paper makes a series of recommendations to achieve equality in health and social care.

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Achieving Equality in Health and Social Care

Survivor Research produced a seven-point manifesto aimed at tacking racial inequalities in health and social care for the Afiya Trust, a national organisation working to reduce health inequalities among racialised communities. Reviewing existing research and evidence, Achieving equality in health and social care: a framework for action lays out the existing disparities in a) health outcomes, b) experiences within health and social care services, and c) awareness of and influence over services, and makes key recommendations to overcome these inequalities.

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Creating a New Vision for the Mental Health of Black and Minority Ethnic Communities

This discussion document was commissioned by the Afiya Trust to inform a day-long round table meeting of organisations and individuals working with BME communities. The goal of the round table was to bring together a range of stakeholders working within and outside health and social care to think about the mental health of BME communities in the changing policy, economic and political context.

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Mental Health of Black and Minority Ethnic Communities: Continuing Priorities and Action Points

This document is a consolidated report of the consultations organised by the Afiya Trust to respond to the government's new mental health strategy, New Horizons. It is based on consultation events in London,Liverpool and Birmingham and an online consultation.

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Towards a Cohesive Voice of Black and Minority Ethnic Mental Health Service Users and Carers

Catch-a-Fiya, a national network of BME service users and carers, has been a significant voice within mental health ever since its inception in 2006. Over this period, Catch‐a‐Fiya and its members have contributed to several consultation events, worked with the statutory and voluntary sectors, undertaken research, review and policy work, and represented the interests of BME communities on several boards and committees. Survivor Research was commissioned to produce a position paper based on this work, highlighting the key concerns of BME service users and carers, and how a cohesive voice is emerging among this community. It also highlights areas that present continued concern to BME service users and need further consistent work over the next few years.

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